HCF Health Insurance Fail To Cover Medical Insurance For Father of Five


Leading Australian health insurance company HCF have denied paying medical expenses for father of five who has been diagnosed with BCELL Lymphoma of his Central Nervous System, back in Anzac 2014. To date Paul has more than 7 months in hospitals an is now on a strict regime of chemo therapy being treated by Dr Greg Selley his oncologist.

Paul admits that the policy payments did lapse whilst in hospital being treated, but at the same time he had no ability to deal with the real world, he could not walk, talk, hold a pen or function without total assistance, his wife is Hungarian and had no idea of what was going on. After 3 months at John flynn Gold Coast Paul was transferred to St Andrews where he went a series of long painful test and finally a brain biopsy, that revealed the problem firstly encephalytis but the CNS was riddled with lymphoma.

After th brain biopsy Paul was released under care and medications with ongoing additional medical monitoring, Christmas Eve, Paul relapsed worse than ever, could not eat even stand and had a massive siezure blackout. From Christmas Day Paul was back in hospital at John Flynn but had to leave because HCF refused to cover his hospital cover, so Dr Seeley said relax mate I will get you in to Gold Coast Uni hospital and treatment started and despite me not liking or wanting chemo he gave me a choice. Liv eor die, So on New Years Eve I was at GCU hospital getting my first dose of chemo, and the regime continues, now i am being pursued by Ramsay Health for $5,500 odd for four days care because HCF won’t pay or help, even NIB who handle my extras cover agreed to take over my whole policy and pay as an act of humanity and compassion but HCF said no because I had no continuity between the policies. Whatever that means.

So here is the deal you can spend $400 per month on health insurance with corporate pigs like HCF and then left with no hope, faith or money to put food on the table. I used to be with Medibank Private for 6 years but I did something stupid took iSelect Advice and changed to HCF, no problem with NIB they can’t believe HCF stand and attitude of some pen pusher who cares more for about profits than people.

I strongly suggest and urge anyone that has health insurance with HCF health insurer do you policy homework as they have no compassion putting profits before people and their health. I will deal with what has ben described as a shortened life term. they can deal with their greed and evil ways.


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