WordPress SEO Turn Your Word Press Website Into 1000+ Google Indexed Results Fast

We recognise the power of WordPress websites and we have developed some unique technology that allows a standard 5 or 10 page WordPress website to get found on Google under several hundred or thousands of times on Google.

Lets say that you have a business located in a city it maybe landscaping or accountancy or legal, dentistry or removalist and yes you might rank well for Adelaide Dentist or Adelaide Removals or Gold Coast Landscaping but what if you could target suburbs that you deal in for example we have a dentist in Adelaide “Budget Dentistry” pretty standard WordPress website around 15 pages but we have incorporated SEO Furnace technology into this WordPress platform and now the website is indexed for over 3000 pages on Google.¬†https://www.google.com.au/#q=site:budgetdentistry.com.au

The bottom line is that the more pages you have indexed on Google the more opportunity you have of generating a business lead or doing business.

My name is Paul Klerck I have been doing SEO since 1999 and I have witnessed and worked through so many search engine updates and the one thing I have established over time is that exposure is the key to success if your website product services can only be found for 10 to 15 results on Google your a limiting potential lead generation but what if you had 1000, 2000, 3000 or more that 5000 results like our Floor Coating client Floor Coats who currently have 10,200 pages indexed in Google https://www.google.com.au/#q=site:floorcoats.com.au and they rank really well for so many search terms call now to find out how 1300 663 664.

SEO Furnace has been a passion for my company for more than 8 years there is no other SEO product that can compare or compete with SEO Furnace as it is fast and last it is not a black hat technique we actually run the system through Google webmaster tools to verify Google compliance. Google states that if a website returns a true and relevant search result that represents a true result then they have no issue we do not use SEO Furnace for spamming we use it for the sole purpose of returning true search results.

If you are ready to get some real Google results fast that last call us 1300 663 664 or email paul@infolinkit.com.au to discuss the various options available.

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