Strategic TeleMarketing Sydney Buyer Beware Strategic Telemarketing Scam Alert

Have you heard of Strategic Telemarketing Sydney headed up by the silver tongue salesman Joe Wright and company director Justin Marc? If so think twice before your part with any money. A Gold Coast Solar company Solarution has just been stung by Strategic Telemarketing for $5164.50 this was a fee charged for solar lead generation at $50 per hour on the promise of 2 qualified leads per hour. The company has provided six dud leads in just over 2 weeks.

Director of Solarution Nick Ray contacted Michael from Strategic Telemarketing to discuss his concerns about lack of leads and lead quality and his response was that we needed to be more patient. Essentially ignoring the original representation which induced the contract.

Nick agreed to allow them to keep $300 plus the $195 set up fee for services already performed but sort redress for the remaining sum of previously paid based on contract sceptism.

Now despite numerous phone calls and communication attempts between Strategic Marketing Sydney and Nick Ray including 9 phone calls from Nick in one day they always claim to be in meetings so it is a more the apparent Strategic Marketing Sydney are running what appears to be a telemarketing scam not a genuine telemarketing business.

This is what they display under Telemarketing on their own website:

Our understanding of the use of the telephone as a marketing tool is second to none. We have the experience, people and technology to implement and deliver all types of telemarketing campaigns, from data cleansing through to lead generation and mystery shopping.
As a result of our experience we have the ability to understand our client’s direct marketing strategies enabling us to offer realistic advice as to how best the overall strategy and objectives of any campaign can be achieved.
The core telemarketing services that Strategic Marketing provide can be broken down in the following categories…

Outbound Services:
Lead Generation
Appointment Setting
Seminar Booking/Follow Up
Market Research
Mystery Shopping
Database Cleansing
Validation & Building
Customer Care
Enterprise Mapping
Welcome Calling
Awareness Building
Promotional Response
Strategic Marketing believe that no telemarketing campaign is the same, our clients objectives, although similar on the surface, require careful logical planning resulting in the implementation of a bespoke individual communication designed to deliver on client needs. Please call us now on (02) 9911 6670

This incident will be listed on all Scam Alert website within 24 hours warning consumers of the Strategic Telemarketing scam.

After speaking with Nick Ray and reviewing all communications it would appear that is only avenue is to seek out a refund via the courts. Nick has learned a valuable lesson when dealing with these so called reputable businesses and that is if you don’t have it in writing you have to fight harder for justice.

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