Craig Jervis Australia’s No 1 Coach in Business Leadership and Success

When you see or hear the name Craig Jervis straight away you think of success in business, leadership and suceess. Why is this?

Well Craig Jervis is widely regarded as Australia’s No 1 coach and is one of the world’s leading authorities in the fields of leadership and success. He is a pioneer of the coaching industry and is known for his remarkable ability to get to the root cause of many problems that hold people and businesses back.

He is and engaging, energetic, passionate and charismatic style, combined with his exceptional communication abilities, has seen him clock up well over 11,000 hours of one-on-one coaching in addition to the many he has logged with blue chip companies like Microsoft, Sika, Dell, Suzuki, RPL, Lifestyle Trader and 21st Century Academy. Being a product of the corporate world, where he was a senior leader for Dell, personally leading their third largest business in Asia Pacific & Japan worth over US$750million, he is unique in also coaching individuals, TV stars, professional Athletes and small businesses. His reputation as a highly energetic and passionate keynote speaker has taken him to 12 different countries and seen him talk on stage to over 300,000 people.

In the coaching industry, nothing counts quite as much as results do. Not only has Craig become known for the quick results he typically achieves, he has also become famous for the exceptional results his clients get — it’s no wonder they are willing to pay $2,400 an hour for coaching! And they come from all walks of life too. He has coached everyone from ordinary people, to mum’s and dad’s, single parents that what to regain control of their life after separation or divorce, sporting professionals, and highly ambitious entrepreneurs to career professionals.

Craig’s clients benefit from his holistic approach and enjoy an increase in wealth as well as regaining control of their minds and emotions. He also focuses on health and well-being, with the result that they become more passionate about life.

Being Australia’s No 1 coach brings with it certain responsibilities such as maintaining impeccable standards, upholding the highest moral and ethical standards, and giving back to the community and to the industry. Craig takes his responsibilities seriously and works with street kids, students and aspiring coaches on a daily basis.

To find out more on Craig Jervis and to see how he can help you visit the Platinum Coaching Corporation now.

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