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Next Level Media is an Australian Social Media marketing company headed up by young Australian entrepenuer of the the year Daniel Hayward. When it comes to the midas touch online Daniel has it. Recently Daniel teamed up with Australia’s best SEO Paul Klerck to take his clients businesses to the next level.

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Daniel recognised that although social media marketing through add paths and Facebook marketing works extremely well it worked even better when a client website was properly optimised. This is where Daniel decided to entertain the business relationship with InfoLink IT not only are they great at organic SEO they also specialise in reputation repair and management. The Internet is a funny place today you can build a successful business or brand online and in one sneaky swoop your competition can post some derogative comments on some review or forum websites then you are left dealing with the stain and stigma associated with these defamatory remarks and comments. This is where Paul and his team excel they use the power of there SEO Furnace software to dilute the high ranking rubbish and move to the sidelines away from general top ten listings.

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Paul states that 70% of his SEO clients are reputation management clients, whilst the other 30% are traditional organic SEO clients.

In recent times Next Level Media has worked heavily with InfoLink IT to achieve massive positive results in the dental industry, property industry, accommodation industry, flooring coatings industry, solar industry and energy savings device industry.

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InfoLink IT also provides a dedicated pay per lead seo option, a client pays a minimal set up fee for the program which places the account into credit off of future generated leads. Then the PPLSEO team develop an online campaign that is very aggressive and works extremely well. As an example one client iCoat Australia contracted InfoLink IT to handle their SEO they went from 7 to 8 leads per day to well over 20 quality, qualified leads per day. The only problem they have now is keeping up with the work load. Not a bad problem to have. We are now commencing  pay per lead for a Gold Coast Pools business this should be very successful judging on the amount of keyword searched carried out per month on Google alone. Once we release a dedicated SEO Furnace website and combine a dedicated Next Level Media social media marketing campaign business boom. Precision Pools and Casino Pools will make a huge splash online. No more treading water waiting for leads they will flow thick and fast.

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If you have a business, product or service that needs additional clientele then pick up the phone and call the InfoLink IT web marketing experts to discuss packages and options on organic SEO, Facebook marketing, and dedicate add path marketing options. Turning on your lights and more business is closer and faster than you think when you put your trust in InfoLink IT and Next Level Media, phone 1300 663 664 or 0417 629 828.

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