Is Air Berth Also Known as an Air Dock A Great Boat Docking Solution?

These days many boat owners are trying to protect their investments by getting their boats up out of the water so they do not have to anti foul the hulls. Getting your boat out of the water or kept dry also protects your investment from osmosis and electrolysis whilst out of the water or when kept dry.

Many boat owners are choosing the Sea Pen from DockPro as an alternative over air docks because a Sea Pen provides far greater protection for your boat as your boat can simply drive in, reverse in, dock in side ways and then allow your boat to become completely dry after the Sea Pen drains all the water out. You can even fill your Sea Pen with fresh water and flush your engines out. Try doing this with an air berth air docking system.

It is easy to see why the Sea Pen is fast becoming not only Australia’s number one boat docking solution but is also now becoming heavily sort after by boat owners in New Zealand and the United States of America and with future expansion plans in to the UAE, Sea Pen is truley an Australian designed and manufactured success story.

To find out more on this incredible boat docking system visit today.

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