Queensland Mining Boom Places Heavy Burden For Housing

Make no mistake the massive mining boom Queensland is going through is placing a massive strain on the home building industry.

For many builders the stress and strain of trying to build new homes for mining companies is becoming increasingly difficult.

The biggest problem for many home builders is supply of goods and transportation of these building goods to remote locations. So what is the solution?

Brisbane based Prefab Home Builders Force 10 Homes have been designing and building relocatable houses for years each portable house can be shipped in and built in less than 2 weeks complete.

These are complete standing steel framed house that provides the best solution for the mining industry during this mining boom. Force 10 mining houses carry a full 11 year structural warranty and can be relocated upon request.

To Find out more on the complete range of mining houses, relocatable houses and prefab home options available visit Force 10 Homes today or call the on 1300 367 231.

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