Independent Property Reports Strata Reports Sydney Blue Mountains Central Coast and Wollongong

Contact IPR if you are buying, selling, or needing to strata title then you need Independent Property Reports for detailed property reports. For many purchasing  a property can be one of the largest and most important purchasers that you will ever make. So obviously you want as much reassurance as possible.

With a team of experienced property reporting team and thorough search methodologies we ensure we leave no details unchecked.

Our comprehensive and accurate reports cover all the necessary information on which an informed decision can be made – on whether a property is suited to each individual purchaser.

IPR  Arrange:

  • strata reports
  • building reports
  • pest reports
  • company searches
  • community/neighbourhood searches

So why settle for less when so much is at stake?

Experiences Property Reporting That Counts

IPR specialises in strata searches and has done so since the 1970’s.

While most companies have records covering the last four or five years, our database stretches back almost 40 years, enabling us to give you a complete historical record on thousands of schemes.

With over 50 000 reports on file, this may well be the biggest database in Sydney. Our inspectors’ many years in the trade includes time spent as actual strata managers, investing IPR with all-embracing knowledge on both sides of the strata boundary.

Our extensive track record means we know all the pitfalls to look out for, SO WE CAN HELP YOU.

Rapid Response Property Reports and Strata Title Reports

Time is critical in negotiating the best price on a property. That’s why we’ve structured all our processes and forms to facilitate the most rapid response possible for you.

IPR uses software we developed specifically for NSW strata schemes. You’ll receive a concise and simple to read report via email, and a bound hard copy, that can be presented to your client, in the mail.

Inspections can be conducted in as little time as 24 HOURS of gaining access to records.

Contact Independent Property Reports for the best in property reports across Sydney, Blue Mountains, Central Coast and Wollongong  New South Wales Australia.

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