Gold Coast Builder Platinum Construction and Design Start Building a Stronger Online Presence

In 2014 Gold Coast Builder Platinum Construction and Design are dedicated to increasing their online presence. Director Aaron Peel was fast becoming another victim of Google Hummingbird. Aaron decided to his research to find a reliable, reputable SEO specialist that could fix the Google failures his business was encountering, all roads pointed back to SEO, Internet marketing specialist Paul Klerck.

Paul Klerck is the pioneer developer of SEO Furnace SEO technology and has been dealing with search engines since 1999. Paul states that the latest Google update is just another spanner in works for the backyard boys and fake SEO’s. This Google update is a blessing for real SEO companies, we know how to handle and deal with these changes.

The key to getting back on top of Google is having a good understanding of what Google has done and how the Hummingbird update works. One of the key factors is making sure your website is responsive and mobile friendly. The second key factor is good worthy, valuable original content. If your website displays polished up BS that does not make sense then you will loose position fast. Let us take a closer look at Wikipedia, why does it dominate for so many Google top search terms? Content, good original content. Your website is valued the same way in Google’s eyes.

Now lets take a closer look at Platinum Construction and Design they are a Gold Coast building company featuring original home designs, renovation and extensions, shop fitting and home insurance repairs. Now that we have established the following:

  • They are a leading Gold Coast builder
  •  They build new homes
  • They do home renovations and extensions
  • The do commercial work including shop fitting
  • And they do insurance repair work

This is what the main content should be targeting on the Platinum Construction and Design website, they could also add value by providing some DIY handyman tips but ideally they do not want to dilute their real purpose as there are hundreds of DIY and how to websites online these days. So we will keep to the real facts that is where the real SEO value is.

Platinum Construction and Design SEO was being handled by a Gold Coast SEO firm, after running a full report and profile on their website I am somewhat confused how the other company can claim they were providing SEO services for this Gold Coast builder when they failed to even get the SEO basics right.

Paul Klerck states that it will not take long to turn this potential disaster back around for Platinum Construction and Design, we will start with a complete rebuild and then concentrate on all SEO factors both on page and off page. I welcome Aaron and his home building business to my already extensive database of clients. I am more than confident he will be smiling again real soon.

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