Ducted Vacuum Sytems And Home Systems Vacumaid Gold Coast

Vacu-maid aims to make your life easier, with their extensive range of home systems. Ranging from intercoms to ducted vacuum systems, Vacu-maid can install many things that you will find very convenient in every day life. Their intercom systems have been designed to suit the wide range of decor and styles of any home, making them compact and stylish, yet unobtrusive. Having an intercom system will allow you to answer the front door bell or front gate from inside the house – the kitchen, upstairs or any distant room without having to walk to the front door. You can communicate with the rest of the household with ease.

However, Vacu-maid specialises primarily in vacuums. The benefits of having a ducted vacuum system are endless:

To learn more, or to see the huge variety of products available, call visit VacuMaid.com.au today, or call 07 5533 9550.

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