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Hi it’s Paul Klerck here it is amazing how one day you are out washing your car the next minute your down the corner shop buying some fish and chips for the children and how you can run into people out of the blue and what is more amazing is that when you start talking with them you realise these people are living your dream doing that we all desire¬† in our lives that desire is traveling the world visiting beautiful and bizarre destinations whilst educating, coaching and mentoring business owners it all starts somewhere.

I was really impressed to meet and talk with Mark and Linda so good to talk with likeminded people and connect on so many levels

Who really wants an office to work in? Why must we do it ‘like it’s always been done’? Business in Bare Feet is a movement to create great, global businesses that drives exciting lives. Join the adventure today.

How many of us wake each day to the sound of the groundhog alarm ringing in our ears at 5.30am time to get up rub the sleep from our eyes get out of bed stretch and yawn and head to the shower on with the taps trying to get the temperature just right so  that you feel awake little own alive, ten minutes under the shower then dry off time deodorant, after shave and getting dressed before heading to the kitchen to get a cup of heart starter and a piece of toast and vegemite on with the mobile phone SMS start calls start and another day gets ticked off the annual calendar

Then comes the driving to work that thing called a job the biggest life robber in our life or to the business that owns us not you are owning it. Life does not need to be this hard, business does not need to be this unbearable all you need to do is adjust and make changes to accommodate a lifestyle this is part of the education a system that business in barefeet will mentor you in via education and brilliant business education.

So what do you have to lose? Nothing apart from time if you do not explore better options, check out today to make a smarter change tomorrow.

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