Epoxy Floor Coatings the Dangers Revealed don’t poison yourself or your family with toxic epoxy fumes.

Epoxy Paint Warning you could be paying with more than money? Read the facts you decide…..

Epoxy Dangers the Facts Revealed

  • Fumes from epoxy can be very dangerous, because they can lead to symptoms of nausea, vomiting, drowsiness and even death after exposure. Epoxy paint fumes are toxic to your lungs, and you may begin feeling symptoms almost instantly from inhaling these toxic fumes within a short period of time. The various ingredients that make paint a liquid will evaporate over time the same as any liquid. As the epoxy dries and its ingredients go through the evaporation process, the strong smell associated with epoxy paint will fade and the dangers of inhaling its fumes may diminish. It is best to create an atmosphere that will cause the epoxy paint to dry more quickly.

Effects of Epoxy Exposure

  • Everyone should beware of a common problem known as “amine blush” when painting any surface with epoxy paint. Amine blush is a waxy layer that will form on the surface of a freshly painted area as the epoxy paint goes through the curing process. It is caused when too much moisture is in the air as the paint dries. This problem is more prevalent in cheaper epoxies and can usually be avoided by purchasing a higher quality of epoxy paint.


  • Epoxy can dry faster under certain conditions and it is wise to take this into consideration when deciding to paint with epoxy to paint in cool weather with low humidity. Also, there are steps you can take to ensure that your paint dries faster, no matter the time of year. For instance, placing fans or a dehumidifier in a freshly painted area will create better air exchange and cause the paint to dry faster.

Preventions and Solutions

  • There are several solutions for cleaning areas of your skin or any other surfaces that come in contact with epoxy resins or hardener. White vinegar and rubbing alcohol is an effective and safe method of cleaning epoxy from human skin. Acetone is a colourless, flammable liquid that can be used for removing dry or hardened epoxy from tools, brushes or any other contaminated surfaces.

Epoxy Warning

  • Isocyanides are the toxic chemicals in epoxy paint that make the paint dangerous if continuously inhaled over a period of time. Continued inhalation or dermal contact with isocyanides is known to cause occupational asthma, as well as inflammation of the lungs and other similar hazardous effects. For these reasons, you should always allow a freshly painted area time to properly ventilate and dry before re-entering the work area.


After reading all of the above one must ask why would you choose epoxy around your home or work place not only is it so full of dangerous fumes it is toxins?

Okay so you are now in a quandary as to what to do or use as an alternative around your home or workplace.

Let me introduce you to iCoat a state of the art low fume non toxic floor coating that smashes epoxy on every feature and ticks all the boxes.

• 4x Stronger than Epoxy coatings.
• Flexible and Impact Resistant.
• 10x Warranty of epoxy.
• Lifetime UV Warranty.
• Ready to Walk On in 2 hours.
• No Toxic Fumes or Toxins.

So if you are looking for an alternative that will cost no more than epoxy in money and will save you and your families’ health then you need to contact iCoat to find an authorised iCoat Citadel Polyasprtic Polyurea distributor in your state by calling 0422 668 449.

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