Gmail For Business Increase Employee Productivity With Google Apps

Its time to increase your employees productivity, and the answer is Gmail for business! Google Apps is becoming the dominant force behind small businesses increasing productivity and focusing on business growth. Google Apps Premiere Edition is now available through Internet Marketer to take your businesses digital communications up to the next level!

Staff benefits include:

  • Data accessible from anywhere, on any computer platform
  • 25GB of email inbox storage per user with instant search capabilities – archive all your emails
  • Data is never lost, even if your laptop dies or is stolen
  • Sharing mechanism within Docs, Sites and Video enables a new level of collaboration between other staff members and clients

Have your mobile staff stay in touch with just an iPhone or Android smart phone using the power of Google Apps, syncing all their Contacts, Emails and Calendars between their phone and office computer.

IT user benefits include:

  • No hardware or software to install or maintain- all you need is a computer connected to the internet!
  • Intuitive email, calendar and document applications that require minimal to no training to use
  • Savings of license fees, hardware and data center costs- fixed annual cost per user means you can add users at any point

Tired of always fixing and managing faults in your Microsoft Exchange server? Is down time actually getting you down? Google provides multilevel redundancies between their global data centre’s meaning that you have a guaranteed 99.9% up time service level using the most advanced systems in the world. You can also trust that Google provides the industries strongest SPAM and Virus protection filters, as two thirds of all emails are regarded as SPAM, you can be sure your inbox has only the messages you need!

Business benefits include:

  • Decreased cost- fixed annual cost per user means your business can budget for extended growth
  • Increased employee productivity using the latest technology reducing down time and software costs
  • High level collaboration services allow you to provide a service to your clients that no other business can
  • Dynamic branding of your business throughout the Google Apps Premiere Editions suite of applications.

Gmail for business is the best way to upgrade from a basic webmail service or even if you are using an ISP email address which is not professional enough to compete against your competetion. Stay one step ahead, using Gmail and the Google Apps suite for your business is future proofed technology you can rely on.

If you would like to learn more about the services offered in Google Apps Premiere Edition or how Internet Marketers integration team can help you convert from your current email systems to Google Apps get in touch now on 1300 663 664.

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