Orbera Weight Loss System Miracle Weight Loss Without Pills, Powders or Surgery

Orbera, “The Miracle Weight Loss System” The chances are you may already know about Orbera? This is why you have come to this website, if this is the case I will fast track this for you. If you have carried out your research on Orbera then you would already know how safe and great the Orbera Weight Loss System is. So if you are ready for change then call 1300 Weight Loss now 1300 934 448 to talk with a personal weight loss carer.

If you are not familiar with Orbera we encourage you to read on to failiarise yourself with this miracle weight loss procedure breakthrough, it really will change your life for the better.

What is Orbera Weight Loss? The Orbera Intragastric Balloon is a non-surgical procedure designed to assist individuals who are overweight with a Body Mass Index (BMI) of between 27 and 35 and are wanting to lose 10-15kg. The Orbera weight loss program also suits those who do not want to go through a surgical procedure for weight loss.

How great does this sound? Finally a life changing opportunity that will help you shed the bulge with ease and without surgery.

The Orbera weight loss system is designed for overweight people that are motivated and ready to comply with a medically supervised lifestyle modification program that includes portion control through forced behaviour modification.

Remember successful weight loss and management comes down you as well, the Orbera balloon is in place long enough for you to lose the excess weight and form new eating habits.

The Orbera Procedure the endoscopic procedure involves placing a non-fixed saline-filled silicone balloon in the stomach, reducing the food-holding capacity and calorie intake. The gastric balloon is inserted deflated through the oesophagus and filled with saline whilst patients are under a low dose of anaesthetic.

How Long does it take to perform the Orbera Procedure? The Orbera procedure takes 20-30 minutes and offers many overweight individuals a non-surgical alternative to weight loss, including those who don’t have private health insurance to help fund the cost of more expensive surgical procedures, like gastric banding or gastric sleeve. The Orbera System is also suitable for those needing to lose weight to suit their orthopaedic surgery needs or those in the ‘super obese’ category who may benefit from non-surgical weight loss prior to being admitted for a necessary surgical procedure.

How long does the Orbera Weight Loss System stay in my stomach for? The Orbera gastric balloon remains in the stomach for 6 months, with expected weight loss results to be in the region of 10-15kg. A 12 month Lifestyle Modification Program compliments this procedure to assist patients with ongoing weight loss and maintenance following removal of the balloon at 6 months.

Who needs or should consider an Orbera Weight Loss System? Individuals with a BMI greater than 35 may also be approved for the procedure, but you may still need approval from Dr. Layani (The Gold Coast Number 1 Gastrointestinal Surgeon).

How successful is the Orbera Procedure? Very successful as you are supported by a 12 month lifestyle modification program that includes support and intervention from the clinic’s psychologist, dietician, and exercise physiologist.
For more information on the Orbera Managed Weight Loss System, please visit www.orberasystem.com.au or contact the Gold Coast weigh loss specialist, Dr Layani on 1300 WEIGHT LOSS that’s 1300 934 448 today for a thinner, healthier happier you tomorrow. Together we can make a difference, you are worth it just make the call you will be so much happier and relieved once you see the support you receive.

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