High Performance Evinrude Outboard Motors and Engines Now at My Boating Shop

Evinrude Outboard Motor’s innovative and distinct electronic engine control features make it the industry’s most advanced outboard motor provider. Known to be whisper quiet, extremely low maintenance, durable, quality and reliable as well as environmentally responsible, Evinrude can give you low horsepower outboards while maintaining excellent power and torque.

Evinrude outboard motors include High­ Output, V6 Engines, V4 Engines, Inline Engines, Multi-fuel Engines and Commercial Engines. Ranked the highest in customer satisfaction, Evinrude engines allow you to spend more time on the water, and less time and money on engine maintenance.

Evinrude High Output Engines are high performance motors with extreme durability tested to go the distance. From 15 Hp to 250 HP, there’s an H.O. Evinrude for your boat. For easy starts first time, every time a High Output Evinrude gives you nearly twice the available amperage of competitive engines. With lower emissions, less vibration and less noise, you can be satisfied knowing your engine is in-tune with the environment (as well as saving you money in efficient fuel usage).

Every revolution in an Evinrude Outboard Engine is a power stroke; giving you maximum strength and power. The computer controlled engine management system delivers the perfect fuel mix giving you instant throttle response. This unique management system makes more than 8 million calculations per second giving you the exact amount of fuel you need at any given rpm and not a drop more.

As well as efficient and economic fuel consumption, Evinrude outboard motors automatically fog themselves in minutes. Treating your engine during the off season will extend your engine’s life. Protecting the internal engine parts from rust and corrosion through frequent lubrication is essential for engine storage during the colder off season. Fogging oil is important to the process of preserving an engine. Evinrude’s instant self fogging capabilities provide you with hassle-free, low maintenance storage allowing you to take the boat out at any time of year. Living in a Coastal Region? Evinrude motors automotive fogging means you won’t have to worry about salt air and corrosion.

Evinrude’s Passion for adventure fuels the ultimate power sport experience.  With a diverse range of powerful engines ranging from 15 HP to 300 HP Evinrude has big engines with more displacement, more torque, and more top-end giving you a bigger lead; and small outboard options guaranteed to give you outstanding performance and handling.

Spend more time on the water, doing what you love with Evinrude outboard motors. For more information on Evinrude Outboard Engines visit My Boating Shop. My Boating Shop is the largest online boating directory giving you direct access to the best and most affordable boating products and services in Australia. Find new and used boats and accessories, insurance and finance options as well as the latest in weather information at Australia’s My Boating Shop.

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