SEO Furnace Gain 1000’s of Google Search Engine Results Fast

How much business are you currently generating through Google, let us show you how our Google SEO Furnace can help your business grow fast. More Google results more leads more business.

There is no other SEO tool or software that can do what SEO Furnace can do, everyone of our clients that have SEO Furnace running on their website raves about the extra business they now generate. I can sit and write about this all day long but the only truth is a result so let us show and demonstrate to you the power of SEO Furnace you won’t look back.

Contact us today on 1300 663 664 or to discuss your website SEO needs.

Here is what some of our clients SEO Furnace clients already say:

Dave Adams Flexico Qld states: SEO Furnace is a awesome, seriously Hollywood when it comes to SEO. Within 2 weeks of SEO Furnace been activated it was like turning the lights on in my business I saw the light. The leads started to come in and they don’t stop Paul Klerck is a brilliant SEO and he has saved me thousands on traditional magazine, radio and newspaper advertising. At first I was not excited about investing $10,000 on something I could not see or touch, but Paul said trust me SEO Furnace will become your best asset, and I have to be honest it has been, if you want to know more about my success then call me “Dave Adams on 0428 593 344”


We have reduced our massive monthly print advertising down to nothing this was not working really well anyway. The guys from InfoLink IT had previously developed my local website, but when they came and demonstrated the potential of SEO Furnace I thought why not my website is working really well so if I could gain more leads and potential business by using this style of advertising I should give it a try. To date the results are been amazing the leads keep coming in and the sales keep growing. I have no hesitation in recommending SEO Furnace to any person in business today. Dave Adams Flexico Qld Phone: (07) 5527 2012.


Alan Collin Force 10 Homes says: I love SEO Furnace a total blessing it has helped Force 10 Homes gain more online exposure for what we do and sell.

Before SEO Furnace we could not get found for any relevant search terms on Google our competition was dominating us. Paul Klerck from InfoLink IT demonstrated SEO Furnace to our board. They approved it instantly and as a company we have not looked back. I have no hesitation or reservations in recommending this great online marketing program to anyone or business that is serious about generating more quality leads and sales. InfoLink IT have certainly created the ultimate business growth tool. Alan Collins Force 10 Homes Phone (07) 3716 2002.


Danny McGee of Total Concept Group loves SEO Furnace: Before InfoLink IT and SEO Furnace I had no idea that the Internet could be so powerful but after a 2 hour consultation Paul Klerck convinced me that the greater my exposure the greater chance of doing more business.

The rest speaks for itself, if I had not experienced such great results to date even in a slow business period I would of never believed it. Paul demonstrated the power in front of me, I thought he had created some type of magic when I saw results in less than 10 minutes. He is brilliant and I have to say I have dealt with some smooth talkers before but to actually witness instant results sent shivers of excitement down my spine. I love his style his motivation and his passion. If you are not dealing with him you are not dealing with the best. Danny McGee Total Concept Group Phone: 07 55221055.

It works like this, imagine you had a shop front that was located on a busy roundabout and you had a sale on, all the people heading towards your shop could see that you had a sale on because they were driving towards your shop but what about all the other people on the other sides all the additional entry points they are not facing your shop they can’t see that you have a sale on, potential business and sales are lost due to lack of exposure.

The same applies to your website, your website can only capture a target audience for a limited amount of traffic, so what is the answer? SEO Furnace technology an initiative developed by Australia’s best SEO Paul Klerck and his team from InfoLink IT.


SEO Furnace websites are created to target specific core related search terms that pertain to you business product or services, this how it works you subscribe to the SEO Furnace program and we do the rest. You tell us the search terms you want, we then work out how many SEO Furnace sites you will need and the rest is history we create and customise these websites for a minimum upfront fee this depends on the actual content and artwork we add.

How long will it take to see results? Generally we witness results with 7 to 14 days of releasing your SEO Furnace module however we have witnessed results in Google top 10 in less than 24 hours previously.

With more than 200 SEO Furnace websites already achieving great results for our clients don’t you think you should act now?

To speak to someone about real SEO results using SEO Furnace? Then you need to call InfoLink IT on 1300 663 664 during normal operational hours or 0417 629828 outside business hours.

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